Pet Surgery
in Memphis, TN

At McGehee Clinic for Animals, our highest priority is your pet’s

comfort and safety

throughout every surgery we perform at our animal hospital. Our hospital is equipped with innovative technology to offer cat and dog surgery in Memphis, TN. Using this advanced technology allows us to maximize the safety and efficacy of each procedure. If you need to schedule your dog or cat’s next surgery, call McGehee Clinic for Animals today!

How Do We Keep Your Pet Safe During Surgery?

As always, we value your pet’s comfort and safety while they are in our care. This is especially true during any of our variety of surgical procedures, including spay and neuter, trauma or wound care, foreign body removal, and TPLO surgery. Our team takes every precaution to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable before, during and after surgery including:

  • Undergoing a pre-anesthetic blood screening to ensure their health and check for any issues such as clotting disorders, liver and kidney irregularities and anemia which may increase anesthetic risks
  • Placing an IV catheter to monitor your pet throughout the surgery, provide fluids for hydration, and preserve their blood pressure
  • Reviewing post-op care with you to make certain your pet has a smooth and successful recovery

Common Soft Tissue Surgeries



Spaying & Neutering

cherry eye

Eyelid mass

Mass Removal



Distichia removal


EMErgency repairs





Fracture Repairs


Foreign body

Laceration Repair

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