Cat & Dog Microchipping
in Memphis, TN

Did you know one out of three pets

will go missing

in their lifetime?

Don’t let your pet become a statistic. Microchipping your pet is the most effective way to stay connected to your pet in case they are ever lost or separated from you. The American Veterinary Medical Association reported that microchipped dogs are reunited with their owners 52% of the time, whereas dogs that aren’t microchipped are reunited 22% of the time. For microchipped cats, 39% are reconnected with their owners and only 2% are returned without a microchip.

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The Importance of Microchipping

Our team knows how heartbreaking it can be if your pet is lost or separated from you. We love seeing happy reunions, which is why we recommend microchipping your pet for your dog or cat’s safety and your peace of mind. If your pet is microchipped, the chances of returning to you safe and sound are greatly increased. We also recommend always having a well-fitted collar with easy-to-read tags on your pet. Appropriate training is yet another way to ensure your pet remains safe, especially in a new environment.

Our Cat and Dog Microchipping Procedure

A microchip is a small chip about the size of a grain of rice that is implanted between your pet’s shoulder blades. This chip is equipped with a unique ID number which can be scanned at veterinary practices or animal shelters and permanently connect your pet back to you. The procedure is simple and painless – so easy it can be done during any visit to McGehee Clinic for Animals! Our team is happy to answer any questions about dog and cat microchipping and can provide further recommendations to help keep your pet safe.

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