Pet Pain Management
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Pets are masters at hiding pain even though they experience pain just as commonly as people do. Our team is here to help manage your pet’s pain and help ensure their quality of life. Is your pet experiencing symptoms of pain or discomfort? Call McGehee Clinic for Animals so we can provide cat and dog pain relief in Memphis, TN.

How Does My Pet Experience Pain?

We usually see two types of pain in dogs and cats: acute and chronic pain. We can effectively manage your pet’s pain through various techniques and medication, and offer cat and dog pain relief, so your companion can live in comfort by your side.


Your pet may feel acute pain when an injury, surgery or inflammation takes place. It comes on quickly and may make it difficult for your pet to move or walk. This type of pain is typically cured when the condition causing it has been treated.


Chronic pain advances gradually and lasts for a long period of time, whether it be months, years, or for a lifetime. Arthritis, cancer, or bone disease can result in chronic pain which your pet may become more susceptible to as they age. Because this type of pain can persist for a longer extent, pets may become more practiced at hiding symptoms and make it more difficult to diagnose.


How Do I Know if My Pet Is in Pain?

Pets instinctively hide any symptoms of pain, so it may not be obvious if they are feeling any discomfort right away. Our pets can’t tell us if they are in pain so it’s up to pet owners to note any changes in behavior and determine if your pet needs medical attention. Fortunately, there are behaviors or signs that may indicate pain in a dog or cat such as:

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